Addictions Counselling

I have a belief that addictions are not simply about the typical things we consider to be addictions, like drugs, alcohol or gambling. My belief is that addiction is about any behaviour we engage in that allows us to escape our real lives – anesthetize our emotions – and interferes with our ability to be our best in relationships, at work, or our day to day lives.

Resolving addiction is often a painful process because we are called to begin to release our addictive behaviour – the activity that has protected us from emotion – and to begin to address some of the dysfunction in our lives. The complication is that if we weren’t great at dealing with our emotions and difficulties initially, now we are being challenged to do so without assistance from our anesthetic, and often in the face of an array of additional “messes” we’ve created through our addictive behaviours.

Thus, the need to take a harm reduction approach and begin wherever you are is paramount. With addictions counseling, I see myself as an affirming place for you to be real. A place where you can begin to release denial and address the discrepancies between who you are today and who you truly want to be… one baby step at a time.