Grief and Loss Counselling

If we truly consider it, grief and loss are a “normal” part of everyday life. Each change that occurs requires that we say goodbye to something to allow the new thing into our lives. Sometimes this is though our own choosing and other times it is thrust upon us.

Some changes, some losses, are understandably more “complex” than others. Perhaps this is because we feel we had no power in the situation that occurred, or perhaps there were circumstances around the loss that cause us to feel guilt, or that require closure, or contribute to us not moving forward in our emotions and re-engaging, or experiencing joy in our day to day lives.

I believe that grief is essentially a “normal” process of integrating the newly experienced loss in the mainstream of our life, but sometimes, we get stuck in the journey. When we get stuck, we need a “companion”. Someone who will walk that journey with us, listen to our stories, and ultimately, help us to get unstuck. Sometimes this is a spiritual journey. And other times it is a very practical task of doing or saying what was left unsaid and/or undone. The main aspect is, this will be your journey. And I will be the companion.