Fancy New Website

It’s official. I’m embarking on a new path in my career as a social worker and counsellor. This new website is to become my new presence as a business, a service to assist others, and as an outlet to communicate and interact with people from all over.

Some of the technical web stuff is very new to me and a daunting challenge, but oh so exciting at the same time.

The website is meant to be a marketing platform for my counselling services, particularly the new realm of online therapy, and here in this blog portion of the website I can write about and share my thoughts on all the sorts of transitions and difficulties we all face in life.

Thank you to Steve at Axemedia for all his help in building this website and his insights to how search engines, internet visitors, and community building through blogging all works. This new venture has been fraught with uncertainty and stress and his guidance has helped me immensely with this transition in my life.

See, we all can use a little help and counselling from others. I hope this new website and the online counselling I’ll be offering will help many others with their personal transitions through life. 🙂

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